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Kidney School

The Kidney School is a program of the Medical Education Institute, and they offer educational programs for both renal professionals and patients with CKD or other kidney-related illnesses.

Chronic Kidney Disease

According to Fresenius Kidney Care, Chronic kidney disease (CKD), also known as chronic renal disease, is a condition that occurs when your kidneys don’t work as well as they should to filter waste, toxins and excess fluid from your body. Kidney disease progresses in stages and may eventually lead to kidney failure.

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Diabetes and Dialysis

According to the Mayo Clinic, Calcium and phosphorus, which are minerals, help build strong bones. Healthy kidneys help regulate the level of phosphorus in your blood by removing extra phosphorus. If your kidneys aren’t working properly, eventually you may have high phosphorus levels in your blood (hyperphosphatemia). A high phosphorus level increases your risk of bone disease and heart disease.

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Diets & Nutrition

A kidney-friendly meal plan is vital for your overall health and wellbeing when you have a kidney-related illness.  Watching what you eat and drink will help you stay healthier.

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